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Getaway House

When the folks at Getaway House needed WordPress integration work done, we built a custom back-end system to get them the data they needed to run their business effectively day to day. Now guest messages are automated as well as progress reports and dashboards that inform key stakeholders on day-to-day and year round operational decisions.

Alexa Hue (Lights) and Nest (Temperature) Integration

Before Amazon came out with an official API to build "Skills" (apps for the Amazon Alexa platform), we were creating our own integrations. The very first integration was one that let the user control Hue lights, including setting color and brightness, which users today still have no control over through the official application. This integration also allows voice control of the Nest thermostat.

Post Perfect

Sick of sending postcards manually to show off your vacation destinations to your friends? Post Perfect is a simple web app that allows you to send a postcard to anyone in the world with images taken from your computer or phone, from within your web browser! Try it out now at

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Hi, I'm Zach Feldman, Principal and Founder of I've been programming and building web applications for about 15 years and am always looking for the latest and greatest technology and how to bend it to my or my clients' uses. Most recently, I Co-Founded the New York Code + Design Academy, teaching thousands of people how to code in the last 3 years.

Why choose our firm? It's simple: we get it done. We are all about execution and will efficiently deliver exactly what you need for your project to be successful. What are you waiting for? Let's figure out how to make your vision a reality today!

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